What is sober living?

By | July 4, 2017

Going Into Rehab: Tips for Success

If you realize that you’ve got some kind of substance abuse problem, you may be seriously considering an inpatient program at a alcohol or drug rehabilitation center. After identifying the facility that will help you, it’s smart to consider the following tips.


Don’t Use Too Much Now

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You may want to have one last party and use a lot of drugs or alcohol since you’re planning to get better once you go into rehab. However, this can be catastrophic. Not only might you overdose and end up in horrible shape, but loading yourself up with too many chemicals is likely to make the days ahead even harder to deal with.


Don’t Quit Before You Go In


You might not want to overdo it at all; if you’re one of those people who is eager to kick your habit, you may want to go cold turkey as soon as today. This is not a great idea either. If you start to have pronounced withdrawal symptoms, going through that outside of a treatment center can mean that you’re still putting your health at risk. For your own protection, try to stick with your current use unless notified differently by one of the professionals at the center.


Find Your Support

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Quitting a horrible alcohol or drug habit is not easy when you do it all alone. Support from a few friends or relatives can be invaluable at this delicate time in your life. Not everyone is a good support person, though; try to lean on those who are themselves mentally healthy and well-adjusted.


Once you know who you want to support you, it’s vital that you talk with them about your expectations. Do you want them to write every week? Will you write them? Try to work out what their support will look and feel like so that they can help you while you’re in your program without disappointing you.


When you complete the program, you’re going to still need support that can assist you as you adjust to sober living. You may be paired with someone when you leave the facility, or you may still be able to contact counselors and professionals when you’re home. Make sure that you interact with these supporters regularly, even if you aren’t having immediate trouble.


Be Prepared for a Long Journey


You probably expect to be “all fixed” by the time you finish your program. It’s important to know now that the facility helps, but isn’t a final solution. It’s one of several rehab steps. In fact, during your time at the center you’re likely to discuss with your therapist what rehab steps will need to be completed after you return home.


Sober living is something that you can achieve. Keep the tips here in your mind before you enter an alcohol or drug rehabilitation facility so that things can go well.

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